Convert a spreadsheet of coordinates from one system to another.

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Batch Convert - Convert a spreadsheet of coordinates.

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Data is read from spreadsheet.  See instructions below.

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Data must have at least one of the following sets of column headings.

1) Latitude, Longitude
2) Position
3) TownshipAndRange
4) TexasAbstract

If converting to State Plane, then the column heading ToStatePlaneZone must also be specified.

If converting to UTM, the column ToUtmZone is supported.  The column is optional.  The allowed values are the numbers 1 to 60.  By default, coordinates are converted to the UTM zone in which they lie.  However, if ToUtmZone is specified, then the coordinates are be converted to the that zone.

Example of a spreadsheet to be converted:
  A B C D E F
1 Latitude Longitude Position TownshipAndRange TexasAbstract ToStatePlaneZone
2 43°36'34.86"N 116°12'23.30"W       1103
3 43 36 33.22 -116 12 18.40       1103
4     10S 577727mE 4341180mN     0402
5     12SVD9954691185     0202
6     139LK38     0202
7     2401 201995.535m 311469.941m      
8       WA Willamette T24-1/2N R9W   4601
9       19T4NR2WS21   2113
10         ="0011025" 4203
11         Anderson 1025 4203
Coordinate Types
Row 1: Column Headings, can be in any order
Row 2: Latitude Longitude
Row 3: Latitude Longitude without punctuation
Row 4: UTM
Row 4: UTM
Row 5: MGRS
Row 6: GARS
Row 7: State Plane
Row 8: Township and Range
Row 9: Township and Range, BLM "Landkey" format
Row 10: Texas Abstract, FIPS code format
Row 11: Texas Abstract, County name format

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