Local Improvement District Mapped Onto Google Earth.

Kuna Melba News
August 30, 2006

- Bill Clark

Under a proposal by the City of Kuna, approximately 2,700 acres will be incorporated into a Local Improvement District to fund construction of a new sewer plant.  Each of the properties will be assessed a portion of the total construction cost.  The city will use the assessments to secure financing for the project.  When sewer connections become available, the properties will start paying on their assessments, and the city will start paying the construction loan.  The benefit to the property owners is that they will be guaranteed sewer hookups when they are ready to develop their land.  The benefit to the city is that new construction, not current customers, pays for the new sewer plant.

Most of this property is currently in Ada County and is being annexed into the city.  This expansion represents significant growth for the City of Kuna.

Get the big picture on Google Earth at www.earthpoint.us.  From there, click on "Around Town" and scroll down to "Local Improvement District".

I am looking for more items of interest to map onto Google Earth.  Please send me your comments and suggestions.  My number is 860-6311 or email [email protected].

Bill Clark is the developer of Earth Point, www.earthpoint.us and is a realtor with Holland Realty.