Terms of Use.

These terms may change from time to time without notice.

Your personal information, email address, and banking information are held in the strictest confidence. Earth Point will not share this information with anyone except to process charges you authorize and to send confirmation notices of Earth Point activity. Secure web pages (https) are used to collect this information, which is encrypted when stored in our database.

You are welcome to use Earth Point for personal use, in your organization, or for business provided that
1) Credit is given to Earth Point; and
2) Earth Point copyrights and logos are not removed from any screen shot or KML file.

Earth Point offers three types of accounts.
1) Annual or monthly subscriptions.
2) Pay as you go.
3) Free accounts for teachers, students, and charitable relief organizations.

Each person needs their own subsription, however a subscriber is welcome to use Earth Point on any of their computers (if they have more than one).
Earth Point collects your email address and bank or bank card information when you set up an account. This information is used to make purchases from Earth Point. As a safety measure against over-billing, you can make purchases only if your account is running low.

If you are on a subscription plan, purchases are possible only if there are fewer than 100 days remaining in the subscription. If you are paying based upon use, then purchases are possible only if the account balance is less than 15.00 US Dollars. You have the option to allow "Automatic Recharge". If selected, your account will automatically buy a 10.00 USD credit from Earth Point whenever the account balance drops below 2.00 USD. You will be sent an email whenever this happens.

If you are paying based upon use (as opposed to a monthly or annual subscription) your account balance will be reduced according to your use of the enhanced features of Earth Point. These include: view BLM Township and Range on Google Earth, view coordinate Grids on Google Earth, and view spreadsheet data on Google Earth using ExcelToKml.

Some of Earth Point's data is provided by third parties who make no warranty regarding its accuracy. For this reason, Earth Point cannot warrant the accuracy of the data presented. However, Earth Point does work with these organizations to correct any errors brought to our attention.

Our data providers include:
Bureau of Land Management - Township and Range
United States Geological Survey - Topo Map
Texas Railroad Commission - Texas Abstract Grid
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources - Louisiana Original PLSS
State of California - California Township and Range (sometimes used in addition to the federal PLSS)
United State Census Bureau - County Lines