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Much of California's land was already in private ownership when the Federal Public Land Survey was done in the late 1800's.  Private lands were not included in the survey.  As a result, there are large gaps in the official PLSS data.  The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has "filled the gaps" for their purposes of locating pesticide use and water wells.  Not for survey use.

Displays townships, and sections.  Calculates area, centroid, and corner points.  You must zoom into the State of California to see the data.  The data shows the township and range systems.  It does not show individual properties or parcels.


In mountainous areas it might be helpful to turn off the terrain layer in Google Earth.  Otherwise, the survey grid can look distorted as it shapes itself to the earth's surface.

Information: California Department of Pesticide Regulation Township and Range

California’s pesticide use reporting program is internationally recognized as the most comprehensive of its kind.  DPR annually collects and processes more than 2.5 million records of chemical applications....Reports include the amount and name of pesticide applied, date and location (section, township, range) of the application....

Excerpted from Regulating Pesticides: The California Story, a Guide to Pesticide Regulation in California available at

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Not for survey use.  This data represents an extension of the federal PLSS prepared by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.  Gaps and irregularities caused by civil land grants have been mathematically filled without the benefit of field surveys.  Townships, ranges, and sections are an extrapolation, and might not exist in the federal survey.

For illustration only.  User to verify all information.  Data produced by California Department of Pesticide Regulation is not guaranteed.  Federal PLSS gaps were filled mathematically without the benefit of field surveys.