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If you are getting pop-up messages in Google Earth asking you to purchase an Earth Point subscription, then the first step is to delete the offending links from Google Earth.  Once this is done, or if you are not getting any messages, open your web browser, sign into your Earth Point account and load a new Coordinate Grids into Google Earth.


Install Google Earth

1.Install the "desktop" version of Google Earth if it is not already installed.

2.How to install...


Remove Pop-up Messages

1.If you are not getting pop-up messages in Google Earth, skip to the next section.

2.On the left side of the Google Earth screen is a window called "Places", which is a folders view of the files in Google Earth.  If you don't have a "Places" window, then from the Google Earth menu, click "View", "Sidebar".

3.Find all folders with the words "Earth Point" in them, especially "Earth Point Trial" and "Earth Point Please Delete".

4.If you have trouble finding these folders, press the ctrl-F keys on your keyboard, a small "Find" utility is displayed at the bottom of the places window.  Search for "Earth Point".

5.Right-click these folders (ctrl-click on the Mac).

6.Select "Delete" from the pop-up menu.

7.Repeat until they are all gone.

8.Press ctrl-F again to hide the "Find" utility.



Get the Coordinate grid from Earth Point

1.Open your web browser.

2.Go to the Earth Point Coordinate Grids page at

3.Make sure you are signed in.  Look in the upper right corner of the web page.  If you see your email address, then you are signed in. Proceed to the next step.  Otherwise, click the "Sign In / Buy Subscription" link.  Enter your email address and password.  On left side of the web page, under "Worldwide Utilities", select "Coordinate Grids" from the menu.

4.Click the button corresponding to the grid you wish to view. This loads the grid onto Google Earth.

5.If prompted, you want to "Open" the file, not save it.





Save the grid permanently in Google Earth.

By default, Google Earth will delete the grid when Google Earth closes. If this happens, then you have to keep getting new grids from the Earth Point web site. However, if you save the grid, then it will always be there when Google Earth is opened.


1.To save it permanently, right-click the folder "Earth Point Grid" (ctrl-click on the Mac).

2.From the pop-up menu, select "Save To My Places".


Turn the grid on and off.

1.To the left of the folder name "Earth Point Grid" is a check box.

2.Click the check box to turn the grid on and off.







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