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A subscription provides access to all of the Earth Point features.  Subscriptions allow us to provide the programming, servers, and staff to keep Earth Point on-line.  We are happy to answer any questions and provide assistance with Earth Point and Google Earth. 


Earth Point adds data layers and functionality to Google Earth, but is in no way connected to the Google company. 


Subscription Types

Subscriptions give you access to all of the Earth Point features.


$50 per year  (group rates below)

  $5 per month

$10 prepaid account




Most people get a $50 per year subscription.  However, there are options for infrequent users of Earth Point.


1)$50 per year.  Unlimited use of Earth Point for one person.

2)$5 per per month.  Unlimited use of all Earth Point features for one person for one month.

3)$10 prepaid account.  This subscription makes sense for infrequent users of Earth Point.

a)When used with grids such as "Township and Range" - each time you move about in Google Earth, and if the grid is being used at the time, then you will notice that the grid repaints itself when you move to a new location.  If you have a $10 account, then this repaint takes one-penny from your account.  Thus, you get 1,000 grid refreshes in Google Earth.  For infrequent users, this can last over a year, which is much better than paying $50 for an annual subscription.  Note - if the gird is turned off in Google Earth, or if you are moving about in an area that does not have township and range, then nothing is deducted from your account.  Also, if you are using township and range all the time, then $10 will only last a few weeks, and $50 per year is the better subscription.

2)No subscription, with limitations

a)Grids such as Township and Range will display a pop-up message every ten minutes.  The grid will stop working after one day, at which time it should be deleted from Google Earth.

b)"Batch Convert" is limited to five rows.

c)"Excel to Google Earth" is limited to 200 rows.

3)Education and humanitarian subscription - for students going to school or agencies involved in humanitarian relief operations.  Approvals are given on a case by case basis.

Group Rates

If 5 or more people sign up under the same annual subscription, then the cost goes down.  Since you are taking on some of the responsibility for getting everyone set up, it reduces our work load and we are happy to pass the savings back to you.


For example, if 8 people sign up under one subscription, the cost would be $42.50 per person x 8 people = $340.00





1 - 4

$50.00 per user


5 - 10

$42.50 per user


11 - 20

$40.00 per user



$37.50 per user








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