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Turn Off Extra Layers




The Layers window contains content provided by Google.  By default, too many layers are displayed, which clutters the screen.


Only the following layers should be displayed at all times:


1.Borders and Labels.



That said, "Places" and "Photos" are nice, and should be used as desired.


The Layers window is in the lower left corner of the Google Earth screen.

If a layer has sub-layers, then a black triangle icon is displayed on the far left.  Clicking the triangle expands the layer to show the next level of sub-layers.  Click again to collapse the list.


To the left of each layer name (and to the right of the black triangle) is a check box.  Click the check box to hide or display the layer.





Uncheck "Primary Database".  This is an easy way to uncheck everything below it.  Notice that the clutter is removed from Google Earth.





Click on "Borders and Labels", "Roads", and "Terrain".





There are two sub-layers that should be turned off to reduce more clutter.  Expand the "Borders and Labels" layer, and under that, the "Labels" layer.





Uncheck "Islands" and "Geographic Features".

Geographic features are mountain tops.












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