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Fix the computer's file associations




Fix the computer's file associations (Windows computers only).

Sometimes the computer's Google Earth file types get mixed up.


Windows 10/11 Permanent Fix

1)The solution is to right click on a KML file and change its properties to ensure that Google Earth is used to open KML files.  There are two ways to find a KML file so that it can be right-clicked.

2)Method 1.

a)Use Windows "File Explorer" to go to your computer's "Downloads" folder.

b)Find any "kml" file, such as "EarthPointTownships_213423.kml" (the suffix numbers on files from Earth Point are random digits and will be different on every file).

3)Method 2.

a)Go to

b)Click the "View on Google Earth" button.

c)However, "Save" the file instead of "Opening" it.

d)Open Windows Explorer.

e)Find the file you saved on your hard drive.

4)Which ever method was used, Right click on the file.

5)Select "Properties".  The Properties window opens.

6)A few lines down is "Opens With".  To the right of that is the program that is used to open the file, which should be Google Earth.  To the right of that is a "Change" button.

7)If the program used to open the file is not Google Earth, then click the "Change" button.

8)Select "More apps" from the pop-up window.

9)Scroll to the bottom of the app list.

10)Select "Look for another app on this PC"

11)Find the "C:" drive on the left side of the screen.

12)Drill into "Program Files".

13)Then "Google"

14)Then "Google Earth Pro"

15)Then "client"

16)Finally, select the file "googleearth.exe"

17)Note - if you do not find this under "Program Files", then look under "Program Files (x86)"


Windows 10/11 workaround

1)Go to

2)Click the "View on Google Earth" button.

3)However, "Save" the file instead of "Opening" it.

4)Open Google Earth.

5)Select "File", "Open" from the menu in the upper left corner of the Google Earth screen.

6)Open the file you saved in step 3.


Windows 7 or 8

1)Open the control panel.

2)If you are using Windows 7 or 8, on the right side of the top line, select "Large Icons" for the "View By" option.  If you are using Windows "Vista" switch to "Classic View".  If you are using "XP", please call for instructions.

3)Open "Default  Programs"

4)Select "Associate a file type or protocol with a program"

5)Wait about 15 seconds for the screen to fill out.

6)Scroll down to ".kml"

7)In the right column the option should say "Google Earth"

8)If not, double click.

9)If Google Earth is displayed select it.  If not, click the little down arrow to the right of "Other Programs".

10)If still not displayed there are two things to try.  We would either click the "Browse" button and find Google Earth – something like "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth Pro\client\googleearth.exe" or reinstall Google Earth.

11)Repeat for the ".kmz" file extension.



Windows XP

1)If you are using Windows XP, and

2)You are not the administrator of the computer, and

3)You are the one who installed Google Earth, then

4)Google Earth will not open files.

The solution is to

1)Have an administrator sign into your computer,

2)Uninstall Google Earth,

3)Then reinstall Google Earth.  Get Google Earth from






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