County GIS - show all property in Ada and Canyon counties, Idaho.

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If you are looking for property for sale, please go to the Listings page.  This page maps county assessor data for all properties in Ada and Canyon counties, Idaho.  As you move around in Google Earth, the property boundaries are drawn for everything on the screen.  Click on each property to see the county assessor data.  To keep the data transfer size reasonable, Earth Point will not send data if there are more than 1500 properties displayed on the screen.  If that happens, zoom in closer.


Zoom into the Boise, Idaho
area to see this data.
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If you know the address of the property you are looking for, try the Land Records Search page.

Ada County data published January 12, 2015.  Canyon County data published June 25, 2014.  Earth Point gets new data every twelve months.

Click the "View" button just once. The screen is updated as you move around in Google Earth. You must be zoomed into the Boise, Idaho area (anywhere over Ada or Canyon county) to see the data.

Try This
Download both the County GIS and the property listings.  Now you can see the property makeup in any area of interest.  This is particularly useful in new subdivisions that are not yet on the Google Earth imagery.  With the GIS download, the location of all the houses and streets is readily apparent. 

Only Download one County GIS at a time
Otherwise, you will have three or four County GIS' updating themselves every time you move around in Google Earth.