Privacy Policy.

This policy might change from time to time without notice.

Your personal information, email address, and banking information are held in the strictest confidence. Earth Point will not share this information with any one except to process charges you authorize and to send you confirmation notices of Earth Point activity.

If the account option, "Remember me on this computer" is checked, then an encrypted cookie is saved on your computer to enable an automatic sign in when you return. Earth Point uses other cookies to manage page navigation. These cookies contain no personally identifiable information and are discarded when the browser is closed.

Personal Information
If you set up an account, Earth Point collects your bank information. This information is used for billing purposes only. This information is stored in an encrypted form in the Earth Point database. Likewise, secure https pages are used to collect this information and to display it you. Earth Point keeps a detailed record of your account transactions. These can be viewed using the "My Account" history pages.

Earth Point uses Google Analytics to analyze web traffic. Google Analytics reports general information such as browser type, city of origin, and IP address. No personal information is collected by Google.

If you set up an account, Earth Point collects your email address for account management purposes only. We do not send spam. Email is used to confirm the creation of a new account, to let you know that your account balance is low, and to provide statements of purchases made from Earth Point.

During the ExcelToKML conversion process, data is uploaded to the Earth Point web server. From time to time, Earth Point may review this data for the purpose of improving the conversion process or to trouble-shoot errors. The data is not shared with anyone nor used for any other purpose.