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Information: Texas Land Survey

An interpretation of the Original Texas Land Surveys boundaries and bay tracts. The dataset was derived from the Texas General Land Office (GLO) county maps, the GLO Abstract of Original Land Titles:Volumes and Supplements, and the GLO maps of State-Owned Submerged Lands of the Texas Gulf Coast (bay tracts). The GLO county maps, showing the boundaries of the original land grants of the State of Texas, were compiled and drawn by GLO draftsmen. This dataset is a digital interpretation of the geographic placement of the original land grants and bay area tracts depicted on these GLO maps and is not a legal survey product.

Link - http://www.rrc.state.tx.us

This dataset is NOT intended to be used as an authoritative public record for any geographic location or as a legal document and has no legal force or effect. Users are responsible for checking the accuracy, completeness, currency and/or suitability of this data. The Railroad Commission makes no representation, guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, currency, or suitability of this data, which is provided "AS IS".